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  • 1 pdf A-Yoga-Science-Memoir-1st-online-ed.
    This is a telling of the full story behind the yoga science described on this website in ~50,000 words. Subtitled: How yoga science appeared as the unexpected fruit of a life lived in both yoga and science.
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  • 2 pdf Reflections_on_Deacon
    In the form of a letter to Terry Patten, these are my reflections on his Beyond Awakening interview of Terrence Deacon and my reading of Deacon's book <strong>Incomplete Nature: How Mind Emerged from Matter,</strong> 2013.
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  • 3 pdf Poster-Post-Conference
    Poster presentation for the Integral Theory Conference, July 29 - Aug 1, 2010 in Pleasanton, CA. This poster presents a proposal for how the All Time Spectrum (aka SummaTime Scale and Anthropic Cosmological Timeline) might relate to the AQAL diagram and become the basis for "3D AQAL." Post-conference: I’ve added five pages to help flesh out an otherwise rather cryptic presentation: details of the lower central panel on the three time domains; the AQAL-ACT Composite diagram; 1975 quote from Adi Da Samraj that was the original inspiration for this enquiry; the formal ITC abstract and bio for this poster; a few “post-conference” notes.
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  • 4 pdf Final Phi Sci of SE Poster
    This poster was presented at ISSSEEM 2009. It gives an overview of how what I'm now calling the All Time Spectrum (technically a backward-looking logarithmic timeline spanning from Planck to Hubble times) provides a novel framework for a scientific consideration of the classical esoteric categories "gross, subtle, and causal."
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  • 5 pdf Topoloptics
    Here, in three pages, I update a blog post of 5/31/07 with more current language and a fun graphic I did several months ago for my Yoga Science talks at the <a href="">Mayacamas Symposium</a>.
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  • 6 pdf ITC submission
    This was submitted for the 2010 Integral Theory Conference under the title: "A Central Axis for the AQAL Framework." It outlines my suggestion that the Anthropic Cosmological Timeline represents a novel and scientific core for Ken Wilber's AQAL scheme that addresses some of its key limitations. (It was accepted for poster presentation.)
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  • 7 pdf TCTSE notes
    Ten pages of notes and critique of the article by Ken Wilber titled "Toward a Comprehensive Theory of Subtle Energies." For how I propose to remedy the inadquacies I find here, please see the following post: "Submission to 2010 ITC."
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  • 8 pdf SAND Edited Transcript rev2
    Includes corrections of language in a few spots, relevant slide numbers as the talk goes along, and a few footnotes.
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  • 9 pdf SAND Presentation rev5
    The Anthropic Cosmological Timeline Is Basis for The Science of Nonduality © 2009 Scott Virden Anderson, Yoga Research & Education Foundation
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  • 10 pdf SAND-slides-rev1
    22 slides for my talk: "The Anthropic Cosmological Timeline is Basis for The Science of Nonduality;" concurrent session SAND C7 scheduled for Saturday, Oct 24th at the Science & Nonduality Conference in San Rafael, CA. (This is the pre-conference version.)
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  • 11 pdf SMSE 0.5
    This is a complete rewrite of "Putting Sublte Energies on the Scientific Map." However, after extensive feedback from editor Sean Esbjörn-Hargens and a chat with Nobelist Sheldon Glashow, I've decided to do another complete rewrite to make it shorter and much more concise—something along the lines of "The Observer-Centered Version of Scientific Cosmology Reveals Subtle Energies (and other surprises)!"
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  • 12 pdf TLGHE
    A Time Line of the Global History of Esotericism With Emphasis for Yoga Science on the West since the European Renaissance. TLGHE. v2
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  • 13 pdf CSSES final
    Case Studies in Subtle Energy Science
    This is a second background paper developed for the presentation I'll be doing at the '08 ISSSEEM Conference in Boulder. This one, subtitled "Trial applications of the Yoga Science Time Scale Map" takes a look at biofeedback, energy medicine, distance healing and psi using the approach developed in "Putting Subtle Energies on the Scientific Map" in 29 pages with diagrams. CSSES final
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  • 14 pdf PSESM final
    PSESM final
    This is a much expanded version of my "brief technical report" for ISSSEEM: "Intention and the Causal Heart." It will be a "handout" for a 90 minute breakout session at the June '08 ISSSEEM meeting in Boulder -- "Yoga Science: Towards a Comprehensive Theoretical Framework for ISSSEEM."
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  • 15 pdf 08ISSSEEMlongfinal
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  • 16 pdf Alternative_Transcension for svamd dot com
    An early attempt to express my sense of the possible implications of the Yoga Science approach in the language of the burgeoning "Transhumanist" movement.
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  • 17 pdf FOMD
    FOMD. This is Elmer Green's diagram scanned from his book by Peter Parks. Reproduced here with his permission.
    This is Elmer Green's diagram scanned from his book by Peter Parks. Reproduced here with his permission.
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  • 18 pdf Towards_a_SummaTime_Psychobiology
    Towards a SummaTime Psychobiology for Yoga Science
    This is a 10 page essay suggesting a) that all findings in contemporary psychobiology can be aligned with the electromagnetic spectrum in the mid range of the SummaTime Scale, b) how all phenomena in the "outer world" are inferred from sensory inputs, and c) ways we might begin to think about the deeper inner domains based on findings from contemporary physics. Towards a SummaTime Psychobiology for Yoga Science
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  • 19 pdf Non-technical STS Intro2
    The SummaTime Scale A Non-technical Introduction. Non-technical STS Intro2
    A first attempt to ease the non-technical reader into the somewhat technical construction of The SummaTtime Scale. The SummaTime Scale A Non-technical Introduction
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  • 20 pdf Yoga_Science_Heuristics
    Yoga Science Heuristics
    Brief statement on the heuristic posture of Yoga Science. Yoga Science Heuristics
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  • 21 pdf STSe POT Prefixes
    Table of Prefixes for the Relevant Powers of Ten (POT) For the Extended SummaTimeScale (STSe)
    Table of Power of Ten prefixes used in the SummaTime Scale.
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  • 22 pdf Astronomer_&_Yogi
    The Astronomer & The Yogi
    Brief piece on looking in and looking out. The Astronomer & The Yogi
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  • 23 pdf The Subjectoscope v0.02
    The Subjectoscope An Interpretation of The Logarithmic Scale of Complete Time Past Based on The Goal-as-Path Contemplative Traditions
    A draft scientific paper inspired by, and using some of the language of, Buddhist Student / Astrophysicist Piet Hut.
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  • 24 pdf Nondual Yoga Science
    Nondual Yoga ~ Science
    A brief blog entry of 5/1/07 with table that lines up the Sutra, Tantra, and Dzogchen Yoga typology with the SummaTime Scale and the complex algebras. Nondual Yoga ~ Science
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  • 25 pdf Yoga Science '06 rev
    Yoga >> Science Options for science re nonduality: Science in a non-dual frame
    This was my first attempt to articulate the sort of Yoga Science I have had in mind. It was circulated to a few friends with little comment just prior to my discovery of Kent Palmer's work in October of 2004. It may be primarily of historical interest at this point, but I did try to make some points about nonduality that may still be relevant. Yoga >> Science Options for science re nonduality: Science in a non-dual frame
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  • 26 pdf Marginal Man
    Yogi~Scientist – Marginal Man
    A brief essay describing my life in terms of Robert Park's "Marginal Man" notion. Yogi~Scientist – Marginal Man
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  • 27 pdf Tale
    The Tale of the Scale How the SummaTime Scale Came to Be
    This is a narrative description of how I came up with the SummaTime Scale that forms the basis of the Subjectoscope. The story here begins in late 1994 (there is more to the story before that that I leave for a later telling). The Tale of the Scale How the SummaTime Scale Came to Be
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  • 28 pdf SVAMD CV 09
    CV of a YogiScientist
    My CV in an experimental format. SVAMD CV 09
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  • 29 pdf Acknowledgements_v0.02
    Acknowledgements v0.02
    In an ongoing effort to acknowledge all those who have blessed, served, inspired or otherwise helped me over the years. Acknowledgements v0.02
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