Dialog with Garvin McCurdy

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Ongoing dialog with fellow ISSSEEM member Col. Garvin McCurdy, USAF Ret. concerning the SummaTime Scale and its possible interpretations.


  • 1 pdf McCurdy phone notes 12-08
    This chat with Garvin was important hand-holding and reassurance for me. This is a one page summary of our conversation. (Note: chronologically it should be listed here before the Christmas Questions document.)
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  • 2 pdf 2nd Response
    The dialog continues. The following are my responses to Garvin’s reply of 8/25/08 – now expanded to a 10 page document. Second response, 2nd response.
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  • 3 pdf Xmas Qs_for_Garvin
    Shortly before Christmas, after reading all of his papers, I posed a series of questions to Garvin. Here are his most interesting responses -- four pages.
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  • 4 pdf Garvin's Reply
    This is Garvin's six page reply to my initial response to his Commentary. Garvin's Reply
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  • 5 pdf Initial Response
    In this 2 page email, I raised a number of questions concerning the opening sections of Garvin's commentary.
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  • 6 pdf iCommentary
    This 30 page document is Garvin's initial attempt to relate his own ongoing work to some of my notions on how we might understand the SummaTime Scale.
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  • 7 pdf BioIntro1_2_
    Garvin's bio with a photo from his website -- by permission. A Biographical Sketch of Garvin McCurdy BioIntro1_2_
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