Yoga Science uploads

Scott Virden Anderson Blog

Just uploaded the “brief technical report” I’ve submitted to next years ISSSEEM meeting that summarizes this past year of work on the Yoga Science:  “Intention & The Causal Heart..”

I’m happy how it came out.  we’ll see how it plays.  I’ll be sending it around for comment.  (ISSSEEM does not insist on exclusive rights…)

I’ve also uploaded the Planetary Field of Mind Diagram that Elmer has given me permission to post here for discussion.  His long-time associate at Menninger, Dr. Peter Parks sent it to me on Elmer’s suggestion.

(I make reference to the latter in the former upload.)

As posted here a while back, I’m expecting to say more about Elmer’s Ozawkie book now that I can refer my readers to that diagram.

Susan and I are continuing to wade through Thomas Metzinger’s Being No One which is a marvelous but demanding piece of work.  I expect it will be some number of months before we’re finished — assuming we get through the whole thing.

There are a number of other previously mentioned blog threads I’ll want to weave in here including a review of the extensive summary I read a while back of the famous Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research project.

And, now that I see that Dean is on the roster for ISSSEEM next year, I’ll break down and read his Entangled Minds.

All this and more to come…