Subtle Energy Science?

Scott Virden Anderson Blog

This is a very short entry by way of a quick update for my readers:

Putting Subtle Energies on the Scientific Map” (PSESM)– a handout for the 90min presentation/discussion I’m slated to give in June at ISSSEEM — has just been posted here.  It represents my most extensive effort to date to describe and justify the approach I’m taking to the Yoga Science.

I’ve already received a couple of pages of terrific critique from Kent about it — will lead me to caveat a number of ideas and make other changes in future editions.

As a result of focusing on getting these ~30 pages carefully written and spiffed up with footnotes and all, I’ve fallen behind on getting a book report posted here on B. Alan Wallace’s Hidden Dimensions that I’ve wanted to do for weeks.

Meanwhile, we’re heading tomorrow to Santa Barbara to spend a week with him on Shamatha retreat — so there will be even more to report when I get back and prepare to launch into Phase 2 of preparing for ISSSEEM: exploring if the theoretical framework developed in PSESM sheds any light on some of the major areas of interest of ISSSEEM members: energy medicine, distance healing, psi, etc…