Still thinking

Scott Virden Anderson Blog

As I continue to reflect on the prospect of “radical transparency,” a deeper consideration has come up — do I want to say anything on the forum site about the meaning of the logo?  The logo is my attempt to depict the self-organizing (and living and intelligent) vortex that I first observed (intuitively) in 1987 as “the scale-re-entrant fractal vortex,” developed in the mid ’90s as the SummaTime Scale, and am seeing now further unfolded as the Yoga Science and the Subjectoscope (which I see as somehow key to the Yoga Science)?  Up to now I’ve said nothing about this on the site itself.   Does this reflect my timidity in the face of Science’s apparently adamant stand against “revelation?”  Science itself has depended upon “creative moments” of all kinds, for sure.  So does this fit into that slot of OKness?

(Note added 5/31/07 — I’ve since completed a brief background piece about the logo that will be posted here and at