Powerful 5min Health Video

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I here lapse for a few minutes into my previous career as a health care practitioner:

This video was forwarded to me today by a former medical colleague, forwarded in turn to him from one of the pioneers in nutritional medicine, Russell Jaffe Md PhD.

It is a 5 minute video posted July 30th on YouTube by Dr. Joseph Mercola.

As of this posting it has clocked some 326,800+ views.

Mercola is an Illinois osteopath, licensed, as is the case with some states (e.g. California), as a “physician and surgeon” to practice medicine in the same way as an MD.

During the course of the past decade he has emerged as a vocal and consistent critic of how medicine is ordinarily practiced here in the US.

Meanwhile, mercola.com has emerged as one of a handful of go to on-line resources for solid information on health promotion and natural alternatives to “conventional” (read “pharmaceutical”) medicine.

I say it complements Michael Moore’s “Sicko” beautifully landing a series of hard punches on the drug industry which is playing at least as pivotal role in this diseased “health care system” of ours as the insurance industry that Moore’s lens is focused upon

Take a look and judge for yourself:


What does this have to do with Yoga Science?

Long term, my hope is that a genuine Yoga Science will broaden the definition of what it means to be human in such a way as to serve the complete elimination of this murder-for-profit racket by a genuine health care system.