On the Eve of ISSSEEM ‘08

Scott Virden Anderson Blog

With my preparations for the debut of Yoga Science this weekend completed, a host of new reflections are arising here – at the crack of dawn when I’d rather be sleeping – typical.

The intensive work I’ve done these past six months on this has given me a whole new sense of the historic importance of what this amounts to.

I’m having to seriously intensify my relaxation practice in order to conduct the energy being released as a result.

Section 1 of the presentation sets the stage with an quick overview of my life: boy falls in love with Science, then, having discovered a second love as a young man – Yoga – goes on to a full life in which the two are gradually hybridized as the “Yoga Science.”

Section 1 continues with an overview of the history of esotericism and Yoga making the case that the inner world was first deliberately entered by our ancestors in and as the transition to the Upper Paleolithic.

The “Great Leap Forward,” as it has been called, was actually a Great Leap Inward and ever since, the inner world has been the source of all the arts, religions, sciences, and novelty that we now call “cultural evolution.”

One of the fascinating things I discovered in the course of this preparation is the work of the French anthropologist Jean Clottes who has developed a to-me-compelling theory that what was going on in the minds of Upper Paleolithic cave artists was most likely the form of esotericist activity we now refer to as “shamanism” (it seems probable that scholars will eventually settle on a better term for this “primordial religion” or “Ur-religion”).

Another most interesting finding: the Renaissance was an esotericist revival, most fundamentally.  What we now think of as the principle legacy of the Renaissance – “Modernity” – was actually a “counter Renaissance” movement trying to get away from the seemingly retro “magic and mystery” that was at the heart of the Renaissance itself.

Section 2 switches to a “strictly scientific” presentation of the SummaTime Scale as a most logical way to look at things – since it reflects the way we look at things, namely “inside out.”  The Big News being that it creates a new “scientific map” – this one being one on which “subtle energies” can be located, now for the first time, when given an esotericist interpretation as the Yoga Science Map.

Section 3 is a quick trial run of this YSM, taking a look at how a number of specific topic areas of interest to ISSSEEM members might be “mapped out”: spiritual growth, Elmer’s Planetary Field of Mind Diagram, his pioneering work in biofeedback, touch, energy healing, psi, and “the biofield.”

As I was wrapping up the final tweaking of the slides for this section last night I was struck by just how elegantly these all “line up” with the YSM – another sign that “I’m onto something – “explanatory power” (the others being novelty and parsimony).

I’m impressed.  I’m certain at least some at ISSSEEM will be too.  I think “the eagle has landed” and we can now start talking seriously about putting that missing S for Science into the title of our organization.

 Here I am drafting the presentation in the attic of a house swap in Conway, Mass.