Inside-Out Revolution–Humanity Awakening

Scott Virden Anderson Blog

It seems a great change is upon humanity.  We all are groping for precedents. I propose that this time we are seeing the culmination of a 50,000+ year process of global humanity awakening.  This time we are dealing with the inside-out revolution.

Because of the huge momentum of the far more ancient biological struggle for survival, our common heritage to now has been primarily one of up-down revolutions.  Thus, our mixed experience of the last 50,000+ years: up, down, up, down.  But now, the long but far shorter awakening is reaching a turning point.

This turning point couples self-awareness and self-responsibility with global human familiarity.  It constitutes an awakening to our total humanity, inside and outside.  It calls us all to embrace the totality of ourselves and the totality of all other selves.  This call can now be made more explicit, specific, and demonstrable.

As a step to that practical demonstration, I propose the inside-out cosmology.  The SummaTime Scale makes this new view explicit scientifically.  It describes the core axis of an observer-centered cosmology that has been only implicit and left unexplored in scientific cosmology until now.

This previously implicit inside-out cosmology contains important surprises:

First: it is not a description of a cosmos "out there."  Rather it describes the cosmos as I experience it from "in here."  And, this is a cosmos two thirds of which lies within my own body!

Second: my every experience within it arises in three major domains:  I call these gross-material, subtle-energetic, and causal-informational.  Within these three domains arises a vast array of interconnected processes.  Science to date has already elucidated the inner working of many of these processes.

Third: and this is perhaps the most radical and important surprise:  the "atoms of time" described by this inside-out cosmology are Planckian instants.  In every such instant, the cosmos exists as an entangled whole and all the countless processes that science has teased apart are each and all composed of ensembles of these inherently whole cosmic instants. 

Experience too consists of a vast ensemble of cosmic instants.  Of these ensembles we’ve made useful memory and self, of memory and self we’ve made stories and invention, and of stories and invention we’ve made history.

The further lessons to be drawn from all of this will occupy us for some time to come.  It will likely take centuries for us to bring to heel the up-down struggle for survival.  Up-down forces are built-in and will continue to play indefinitely.  But they need not rule; awakening can produce a new kind of global order based upon the more fundamental inside-out of reality.

Science will be realigned by this inside-out paradigm to serve awakening.  Its many discoveries newly coordinated and focused by awakening itself.  This has been feeding forward and accelerating already for millennia.  From now on, this will only become more and more obvious.