Hypnopompic Gusher

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No doubt reflecting a convergence of synchronicities:  posted draft of “Toward a SummaTime Psychobiology for Yoga Science” here and on the yogascienceforum.com site yesterday;  watched a few days ago Tom Bearden’s DVD “Energy from the Vacuum”;  stumbled late last night across the Science Channel’s “Beyond Discovery” show on free energy pioneer Joseph Newman;  and, in the middle of reading Bill Tiller’s Some Science Adventures in Real Magic that explores his efforts to nail “subtle energies” scientifically, once and for all…

All of which have kept bringing me back to the possibility that the octonion will be key to understading the “deep inner Presence” world of the Quantian to Planckian that I’ve been obsessing about these past weeks.

Remembered that I have huge resource on this topic sitting here on my hard drive — the complete Proceedings of the Octonion Appreciation Society that Kent sent me back in 2004 — a 5019 page pdf document (!) — the complete set of emails between OAS members Kent Palmer, Onar Aam, Ben Goertzel, and Toby Smith over the years 1995 to 1998.

Could I interest some number of competent individuals in a project to see if an octonionic expansion of Maxwell’s Equations might be a) possible, b) useful as a step into the deeper Yoga Science, c) a new way into the physics of the Quantian to Planckian domain, d) a new avenue into “a science of consciousness” via my theoretical association between this deep domain of the STS and Kent’s “Reflexivie Special Systems?”

Kent’s take back in early 2005 on the bottom line of the OAS’s deliberations was that the octonion describes an internally mirrored tetrahedron.  I seem to recall that he sent me a quote from one of these OAS emails describing this finding and suggesting the key association with the Reflexive/Social Special System that Kent has written about extensively (and of which I have only scratched the surface).

Kent and I devoted some time trying to figure out how to actually build an internally mirrored tetrahedron to see what it might look like inside.  He told me that there had been a ray-tracing study done on it as part of the OAS’s discussions but that he could not locate it.  What might it look like to be on the inside of such a structure?  The picture I have is of Indra’s Net — an infinite Simul-Kosmos of Interconnected Awakened Ones in a crystal lattice in every direction.

Nassim Haramein’s 64 tetrahedral crystal core of reality comes to mind, along with Elmer Green’s Crystal Divine at the very top of his Planetary Mind Diagram.  Me and my crystals again!  Had that dramatic dream back in 1982 that led to my long crystal drama involving Adi Da’s request for research on crystals (that I eventuall delivered as a Mind Map and which he later blessed), Dael Walker’s crystal seminar, and Amway’s use of crystals in their MLM achievement levels — all things I first learned about in a single 24 hour period — late ’81 maybe?

Lots more work to do here…