Esoteric Anatomy = Structure of Time

Scott Virden Anderson Blog

This is the central implication of my esotericist interpretation of the SummaTime Scale: it depicts our most essential “anatomy” as the very structure of the time-domain.

That our most fundamental “anatomy” is thus temporal has been hidden heretofore by its own depth – its inherent inconceivability – covering, as it appears to, more than sixty orders of magnitude.

Consider: Charles Eames, the famous 20th Century industrial designer who gave us the film “Powers of Ten,” developed an innovative design methodology that included looking at the project from a power of ten on either side of its design scale.

He advocated this method as a way for designers always to “keep in mind” both how a design is structured internally (by zooming into it by a power of ten), and how a design will eventually be set in an environment (by zooming out by a power of ten).

I propose that The SummaTime Scale depicts our total “design reality” as spanning over thirty powers of ten on either side of visible light!

This is quite literally “inconceivable,” so clearly, this notion will take some getting used to.

Perhaps even harder to conceive is the further implication that total reality is itself our own “esoteric anatomy” – it is not just that time spans over sixty orders of magnitude, we span over sixty orders of magnitude.

The good news, in my view, is that this gives us a new way to “get a handle” on our own most immediate experience of ourselves: we live in these physical bodies “made of star dust,” we have this endless stream of thoughts and emotions, and in our deepest intuitions we know that we are somehow “strangers here,” “trapped in time.”

The SummaTime Scale reveals a total-time reality with three very different domains that correspond, I propose, to this most immediate sense of ourselves — three domains that are all “happening at once.”

Scientists are not used to thinking this way – they may be used to dealing with time and its many powers of ten, but not typically used to relating these to their own immediate experience.

Yogis and other esotericists are not used to thinking this way either – however familiar they may be with the phenomenology of their own experience, they are generally not used to relating it to the kind of cross-scale analysis involved in the SummaTime Scale.

So, I’m certain this way of looking at things will take time to “catch on” – assuming for the moment that it turns out to be useful.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to work to demonstrate that it is useful to think this way.

The key area of potential utility that I see at this juncture is that the Yoga Science Map provides a way for us to approach understand ourselves in a way that lines up our most ancient esoteric heritage as human beings with the most modern exoteric tools of science.

My intuition is that this “new hybrid” could contribute to our species successfully navigating the treacherous rapids of change that lie ahead.

Wouldn’t it be useful to have a way of approaching an understanding our total human situation in scientific terms?

That seems to be the promise of this way of looking at things.