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Readers unfamiliar with the complicated technical history behind our current “energy crisis” may appreciate an excellent new summary from Tom Bearden just released on his website,

This new artilce, “The Deliberate Discard of Asymmetric Maxwellian Systems, Thus Preventing COP>1.0 and Self-Powering Energy-from-the-Vacuum Systems” is dated June 21, 2007.

It presents a summary overview of what Tom, who has studied this issue for decades, believes really happened to Maxwell’s Equations and to Nikola Tesla and how this ties in to our current global problems with fossil fuels.

As suggested previously, I believe this also relates directly with our long-standing impass regarding “subtle energies.”

It seems at least possible that had Tesla been allowed to develop his deep practical understanding of the full version of Maxwell’s original equations, we would be living in a very different world today 100 years later.

Tom’s tale suggests how the fact that the quaternion form of Maxwell’s equations contain terms that are assymmetric was deliberately and systematically supressed in order to prevent the development of the kind of power generating systems that Tesla was beginning to develop that are “COP>1.0.”

(For readers unfamiliar with the technical terminology, COP is short for “Coefficient of Performance.”  Most power generating systems have COPs less than (<) 1.0.  However, because we pay nothing for the sunshine, even a solar electric panel has a COP greater than (>)1.0 — there is nothing inherently mysterious about this.  A COP>1.0 is simply technical short-hand for a system that is producing more usable power than we’ve put into it to get it or keep it running.  There is much more detailled technical discussion of all this on Tom’s website.)

The kinds of systems that Tesla was working on were COP>1.0 systems where the energy source was the vacuum itself — so called “empty space.”

He had discovered through his many experiments that one of the conclusions to be drawn from Maxwell’s equations is that the “vacuum” is not just “a passive medium” or “empty” at all.

Rather, the vacuum is “active” and, full of energy.

In fact, as subsequent developments in physics have shown in more recent decades by other means, the vacuum is very active indeed — the energy contained in the vacuum is now understood by physicists to be vast (some even dare think “infinite”).

(Interested readers are again directed to the current work of Haramein and Rauscher on this subject to be found at

The implications of all this for “subtle energy” and “energy medicine” are deep ones, in my view, and have only begun to be explored, as far as I can tell.

The potential for a “complexification” of Maxwell’s equations in terms of the octonion — a project that I can imagine but am far from qualified to undertake myself — may eventually reveal the more subtle assymmetries that I suspect will describe, in the most technical and “hard science” terms, the huge complex of phenomena we currently think of under the general umbrella of “subtle energies.”

This will include all the phenomena currently relegated to the “paranormal” — ESP, distance healing, precognition, telekinesis, reincarnation, etc… — all known as “siddhis” in traditional Yoga.

Perhaps these will turn out to be the “superasymmetric” terms that will go hand in hand with the “supersymmetry” that John Hagelin and others have described.

Rank speculation, for sure, but I keep finding little pieces of evidence (as presented here and in previous posts) that keep encouraging me in this line of thinking.