The Central Axis of AQAL Space–ITC 10 Poster

Scott Virden Anderson Uncategorised

Poster presentation for the Integral Theory Conference, July 29 – Aug 1, 2010 in Pleasanton, CA.  This poster presents a proposal for how the All Time Spectrum (aka SummaTime Scale and Anthropic Cosmological Timeline) might relate to the AQAL diagram and become the basis for “3D AQAL.”  Post-conference: I’ve added five pages to help flesh out an otherwise rather cryptic presentation: details of the lower central panel on the three time domains; the AQAL-ACT Composite diagram; 1975 quote from Adi Da Samraj that was the original inspiration for this enquiry; the formal ITC abstract and bio for this poster; a few “post-conference” notes.

Poster Post Conference.pdf