Scott Virden Anderson Introduction


Welcome to my “personal website” dedicated to documenting the evolution of the Yoga Science Project.

I want to give special thanks to the Yoga Science Foundation for its support of this Project since we began here in 2007.


10/28/16: It’s taken this long for the “update” promised in March to near fruition: I’ve since written a book that will soon be available here consisting of a narrative telling of how yoga science emerged gradually in my life starting from around age 21–“A Yoga Science Memoir.” I’ve also been working to totally revise the website for the Yoga Science Foundation. That project promises to be done soon too. Then I’ll launch into a total revision of this website…

3/30/16: Begin long overdue update. Stay tuned.

4/27/11: I’ve just posted a blog that outlines how the action has shifted to the Yoga Science Foundation and what I’ve been doing ince the last news item below.

7/26/10: on this “most auspicious day of the year”—the full moon day of July, aka “Guru Poornima”—I’ve posted two posters for the upcoming Integral Theory Conference, “The Science of Subtle Energies” I presented last year at ISSSEEM, and the poster for the upcoming ITC, “The Central Axis of AQAL Space .”  The former is incorporated into the latter in a trimmed-down version, and some may be interested to see more of the details—here I’ve done my best to show them in a one-page diagram/poster format.

7/9/10: I’ve posted an updated version of an old blog post with a new fun graphic: Topoloptics.

4/19/10: I’ve added an “About” section to the top menu–gives a bit of background on me, my “two lives,” and the projects I’m currently involved with.

3/25/10: after a long hiatus (details to follow) I’ve just entered a blog post, “For Every Science there is a Time Scale” re a fundamental feature of what I think will be needed for us to begin to forge a genuine “science of subtle energies.”

11/22/09: video of my Presentation at SAND is now posted (note the previous entry for additional materials). This can be viewed either streaming, or via 153MB download.

11/07/09: new document posted: Presentation at Science & Nonduality.  Includes the abstract, links to slides, transcript, and recordings, along with a few important notes and corrections.

11/4/09: the audio recording of my presentation at the Science & Nonduality Conference in San Rafael on 10/24 is available for download (one mp3 file; 12 MB; 39 min).

10/22/09: set of 22 slides for presentation on 10/24 at Science & Nonduality Conference in San Rafael.  Title: “The Anthropic Cosmological Timeline is Basis for The Science of Nonduality .”

6/23/09: before heading off to ISSSEEM ’09 tomorrow, I’ve posted two new diagrams portraying my current thinking about the STS as the “anthropic cosmological timeline” (ACT):  page one details a “Science of Subtle Energies,” page two outlines a somewhat tongue-in-cheek view of “The End of Time,”    They are here together.

5/21/09: “A Scientific Map for Subtle Energies” has been posted.  This remains a rough draft, but it is being so totally re-written that I figure I might as well post this extensive version.

12/24/08: Opened a new Documents section for the Theoretical Frameworks Independent Exploration Group recently formed under the auspices of ISSSEEM — likely temporary until the IEG gets its own website.

9/11/08: Posted the dialog I’ve been having with Col. Garvin McCurdy, USAF Ret. regarding interpretation of the SummaTime Scale (all items with his permission).

7/1/08:  Posted a long blog post with initial report post-ISSSEEM ’08.

5/25/08:  Posted in the documents section, “A Time Line of the Global History of Esotericism.”  This is the third and final background document for the forthcoming debut of Yoga Science at ISSSEEM in Boulder next month.  I had a lot of fun putting this together.

5/21/08:  Posted in the documents section, “Case Studies in Subtle Energy Science: Trial Applications of the Yoga Science Time Scale Map.”  I’ve spent the last five weeks putting it together — seems to be working…

4/10/08:  I’ve just sent off a much expanded version of the “brief technical report” noted below.  Now titled “Putting Subtle Energies on the Scientific Map,” this is the best developed of my Yoga Science theoretical pieces to date.

11/1/07:  Just sent off a submission to the 2008 ISSSEEM meeting — a “brief technical report” I had fun putting together — “Intention & the Causal Heart.”  Summarizes in four pages my “findings” in Yoga Science for 2007.  Should be interesting to see how it plays.

6/1/07:  “Towards A SummaTime Psychobiology for Yoga Science” is available here.

4/6/07:  I’ve started another “Yoga Science experiment” — a blog.  Any and all feedback is welcome — see the contact page for how tos.