Overview—My Life as “Hybrid” Prototype

Scott Virden Anderson About

 I’ve led a rather strange life over the past forty plus years—moving daily between two worlds: science and yoga.

In each world I found precious few individuals with any familiarity with the other.

Virtually none of my scientific colleagues over the years has known a thing about yoga—except perhaps here and there in recent decades as yoga studios have proliferated even more rapidly than Starbucks.

On the flip side, the few of my yoga colleagues who have known something about science have typically related to the two as “non-overlapping magisteria”—in the sense of there being a sort of impenetrable barrier between the two.

A few of my heroes have been quite fluent in both worlds but still maintain the outward posture (most typically) as scientist, keeping their yogi side well hidden and in the closet.

Here Elmer Green is perhaps a preeminent example (some other “candidate yogi-scientists” are listed here).

Virtually none have talked openly about both—even less about how the two might actually be integrated or made whole.

Thus, I’ve seen myself as the “marginal man” I’ve written about previously.

More recently I’ve come to see myself as perhaps a prototype of what His Holiness the Dalai Lama has been referring to as a “hybrid”—individuals who are formally trained in both worlds.

In my own case, this hybridization has produced what appears to be an interesting “cross,” the features of which I’ve been exploring here over these past several years as “The Yoga Science.”

You can go directly to my “ experimental CV ,” or continue reading a narrative description of the two sides of my life below.