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Towards a SummaTime Psychobiology

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This is a 10 page essay suggesting a) that all findings in contemporary psychobiology can be aligned with the electromagnetic spectrum in the mid range of the SummaTime Scale, b) how all phenomena in the “outer world” are inferred from sensory inputs, and c) ways we might begin to think about the deeper inner domains …

The Subjectoscope v0.02


The Subjectoscope
An Interpretation of The Logarithmic Scale of Complete Time Past
Based on The Goal-as-Path Contemplative Traditions

Hypnopompic Gusher

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No doubt reflecting a convergence of synchronicities:  posted draft of “Toward a SummaTime Psychobiology for Yoga Science” here and on the yogascienceforum.com site yesterday;  watched a few days ago Tom Bearden’s DVD “Energy from the Vacuum”;  stumbled late last night across the Science Channel’s “Beyond Discovery” show on free energy pioneer Joseph Newman;  and, in the …


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  Welcome to my “personal website” dedicated to documenting the evolution of the Yoga Science Project. I want to give special thanks to the Yoga Science Foundation for its support of this Project since we began here in 2007. NEWS 10/28/16: It’s taken this long for the “update” promised in March to near fruition: I’ve …


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“Towards A SummaTime Psychobiology for Yoga Science” is available here.

Pan-Planckian Entanglement

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I’ve been plugging away on an article — “Toward a SummaTime Psychobiology for Yoga Science” — that I’m conceiving as a final piece of STS elaboration on my part prior to launching the Yoga Science Forum. Lots of other things going on “simultaneously” (naturally): a first read-through of Elmer Green’s magnum opus The Ozawkie Book …