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IEG Backgrounder 1.2

Kieth Lopez

4 page article telling the story of what has led up to the formation of the IEG. ISSSEEM Theoretical Frameworks Independent Exploration Group (IEG) A Bit of Background

Theoretical Frameworks IEG

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ISSSEEM (The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine) recently approved and announced to its membership the formation of a Theoretical Frameworks IEG (Independent Exploration Group).  Until the IEG gets its own website, I’ll use this as a place to park items of interst to the IEG.

TF-IEG Update 3

Kieth Lopez

A long overdue update with lots of exciting news for the Science of Subtle Energies (SSE).

Report on ISSSEEM 2009


Report on ISSSEEM 2009 A Review of ISSSEEM 2009 in the Context of Theoretical Framework Development Report for 2010 ISSEEM Conference, Member’s Choice Forum & the TF-IEG

TF-IEG Update 2

Kieth Lopez

Several pages of interesting news and updates with lots of links. TF-IEG Update 2

McCurdy Summary


McCurdy Summary Brief summary of my dialog with Garvin McCurdy since ISSSEEM ’08. Two pages including Garvin’s table “Formalism-Framed Aspects of the Elephant of Reality.”


Scott Virden Anderson Introduction

  Welcome to my “personal website” dedicated to documenting the evolution of the Yoga Science Project. I want to give special thanks to the Yoga Science Foundation for its support of this Project since we began here in 2007. NEWS 10/28/16: It’s taken this long for the “update” promised in March to near fruition: I’ve …


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Opened a new Documents section for the Theoretical Frameworks Independent Exploration Group recently formed under the auspices of ISSSEEM — likely temporary until the IEG gets its own website.