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Kieth Lopez

22 slides for my talk: “The Anthropic Cosmological Timeline is Basis for The Science of Nonduality;” concurrent session SAND C7 scheduled for Saturday, Oct 24th at the Science & Nonduality Conference in San Rafael, CA. (This is the pre-conference version.)

Presentation at Science & Nonduality

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Abstract and links to the slides and recordings of the presentation given at the recent SAND Conference: “The Anthropic Cosmological Timeline is Basis of The Science of Nonduality” along with some important notes and corrections. SAND Presentation rev5.pdf

Yoga Science ’06 rev


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Options for science re nonduality: Science in a non-dual frame

SAND Presentation rev5

Kieth Lopez

The Anthropic Cosmological Timeline Is Basis for The Science of Nonduality © 2009 Scott Virden Anderson, Yoga Research & Education Foundation

CSSES final

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Case Studies in Subtle Energy Science

TF-IEG Update 3

Kieth Lopez

A long overdue update with lots of exciting news for the Science of Subtle Energies (SSE).

TCTSE notes

Kieth Lopez

Ten pages of notes and critique of the article by Ken Wilber titled “Toward a Comprehensive Theory of Subtle Energies.” For how I propose to remedy the inadquacies I find here, please see the following post: “Submission to 2010 ITC.”

A Science of Now

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This may be a good way to describe what I think I’ve discovered – especially in a post-Oprah&Tolle New Earth world. The wildfires in our neighborhood are under some degree of control, we’ve completed the bulk of our fire season preparations here at home, and the weather was been relatively cool this past week. I’ve …


Kieth Lopez

Poster presentation for the Integral Theory Conference, July 29 – Aug 1, 2010 in Pleasanton, CA. This poster presents a proposal for how the All Time Spectrum (aka SummaTime Scale and Anthropic Cosmological Timeline) might relate to the AQAL diagram and become the basis for “3D AQAL.” Post-conference: I’ve added five pages to help flesh …

ITC submission

Kieth Lopez

This was submitted for the 2010 Integral Theory Conference under the title: “A Central Axis for the AQAL Framework.” It outlines my suggestion that the Anthropic Cosmological Timeline represents a novel and scientific core for Ken Wilber’s AQAL scheme that addresses some of its key limitations. (It was accepted for poster presentation.)

The Subjectoscope v0.02


The Subjectoscope
An Interpretation of The Logarithmic Scale of Complete Time Past
Based on The Goal-as-Path Contemplative Traditions


Scott Virden Anderson Introduction

  Welcome to my “personal website” dedicated to documenting the evolution of the Yoga Science Project. I want to give special thanks to the Yoga Science Foundation for its support of this Project since we began here in 2007. NEWS 10/28/16: It’s taken this long for the “update” promised in March to near fruition: I’ve …

Alternative_Transcension for svamd dot com


Alternative_Transcension for svamd dot com An early attempt to express my sense of the possible implications of the Yoga Science approach in the language of the burgeoning “Transhumanist” movement.



CV of a YogiScientist

Big Shift in the Action

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I’m writing to point my readers to the website for the Yoga Science Foundation that we launched 10/1/10. This personal website – the one you are visiting now – was devoted primarily to the early stages in the development of the “Yoga Science Project” which took a big turn last year toward becoming a Yoga …


Kieth Lopez

A Time Line of the Global History of Esotericism With Emphasis for Yoga Science on the West since the European Renaissance. TLGHE. v2