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A Time Line of the Global History of Esotericism

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This is a 25 page rough draft that first outlines a view of esoterisicm as a global phenomenon dating back to the original human diaspora 50,000 years ago up through the Mongol Invasions, then begins a detailed chronology of prominent esotericists leading up to and through the European Renaissance to the present day.  The purpose …


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A Time Line of the Global History of Esotericism With Emphasis for Yoga Science on the West since the European Renaissance. TLGHE. v2

2nd Response


2nd Response The dialog continues. The following are my responses to Garvin’s reply of 8/25/08 – now expanded to a 10 page document. Second response, 2nd response.


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This three page article summarizes my view of the current “state-of-the-art” in subtle energy science. Communications Manager for the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) Matthew Gilbert contacted me in March, asking about the topic and whether I might be willing to write a short article about it–which I did with his expert editorial assistance. It …

Yoga Science Prefigurement – Part 1

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Continuing study of Faivre and Hanegraaff reveals that as they distill and characterize esotericism, I find countless echoes of Yoga Science.  It is as if there is a Principle of Prefigurement at work: the more fundamental the fact for Yoga Science, the more clearly it appears as a theme they have found characteristic of esotericism …

CSSES final

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Case Studies in Subtle Energy Science


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Posted in the documents section, “A Time Line of the Global History of Esotericism.” This is the third and final background document for the forthcoming debut of Yoga Science at ISSSEEM in Boulder next month. I had a lot of fun putting this together.


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  Welcome to my “personal website” dedicated to documenting the evolution of the Yoga Science Project. I want to give special thanks to the Yoga Science Foundation for its support of this Project since we began here in 2007. NEWS 10/28/16: It’s taken this long for the “update” promised in March to near fruition: I’ve …