The Inside-Out Scientific Revolution

Scott Virden Anderson Blog

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Human existence may have arisen from the struggle for survival, but now, humanity faces its greatest challenge ever, perhaps since the Tova super-volcano 70Kyr ago, and time seems to be “running out.”

Although humanity’s struggle was originally against the hostile forces of nature, in recent millennia the struggle has increasingly become human group against human group over ever-dwindling resources.

All the while, however, there has been hidden “good news”—the gradual advance of technical means for humans to work together (and the ever-accelerating accumulation of non-zerosumness–see Robert Wright’s book Nonzero).

To create a future that we ourselves would want to inhabit for our children and their children and their children’s children, we humans must now all work together.

Just in time, we have an unprecedented scientific revolution brewing that could be called the inside-out scientific revolution.

Scientific evidence now accumulating points to an astounding (and wonderful) fact: that although we may appear to live within time, we ourselves, in our deepest nature, are outside of time.

This can be seen in the inside-out cosmic timeline that most directly describes our lived experience.

This timeline is “God’s ruler”—a scientific measuring tool that serves the understanding of our own present divine nature in every moment.

We can keep all the countless benefits of science, but now we must all begin a hard but inherently heart-to-heart work together to bring this precious spaceship earth in for a soft landing.