Pan-Planckian Entanglement

Scott Virden Anderson Blog

I’ve been plugging away on an article — “Toward a SummaTime Psychobiology for Yoga Science” — that I’m conceiving as a final piece of STS elaboration on my part prior to launching the Yoga Science Forum.

Lots of other things going on “simultaneously” (naturally): a first read-through of Elmer Green’s magnum opus The Ozawkie Book of the Dead (more on that soon), initial exposure at IONS to the new deep physics of Nassim Haramein and Elizabeth Raucsher, continued attempts to reach Mark Comings, and a plunge into William Tiller’s Some Science Adventures With Real Magic.

All this coaxing me to consider again and again that deeper domain of the STS that reaches deep within everything I see.

Elmer’s “Field of Mind” diagram (that he put together in the 40s) seems to line up very nicely with the STS.  The “Crystal” is his language for the top-most level of reality — the Divine Soul.  Meanwhile, Nassim Haramein’s dynamic presentation at IONs last Tuesday highlighted the process he has gone through in his life to work out the crystaline structure of the vacuum.

The same day, he celebrated the publication of the major article he and Elizabeth Rauscher have now published — “Coherent Collective Oscillation Plasma Modes in Surrounding Media of Black Holes and Vacuum Structure…” — a highly technical paper that Nassim is very excited about.  Take a look at his site at  The paper is posted there along with a number of other items with great graphics.

I didnt’ get a chance to talk to Dean Radin at IONS.  He was sitting in the back row at the start of Nassim’s presentation, but he left before I could speak with him.  He and I met at the 2nd ISSSEEM meeting in 1992 and had some dialog in the subsequent months about his “psychic switch” invention.  (Came to find that Elmer abandonned his efforts to develop a “psychic switch” back in the ’50s when he discovered some of the darker aspects of Top Secret affairs while working at the Naval Ordinance Testing Station.)  Dean’s latest book (which I’ve yet to read) is Entangled Minds.

Which brings me back to the notion that I touched upon in the discussion section of the Subjectoscope — that all things are entangled in the Planckian.  Seems an even more reasonable speculation now, given all of the above.

What does this feel like?

What is it to experience things right now, embracing my “whole thing,” all the way out to the BigBangian and all the way in along the STS to the Planckian — all at once?

This is becoming my meditation.