Mark Comings — Science Yogi

Scott Virden Anderson Blog

I’ve been reading in the ISSSEEM newsletter for several months now that we should expect a major statement from Mark as a forthcoming special issue — one that “he’s been working on for several years.”

Since Susan and I are scheduled to attend the ISSSEEM conference in Boulder next month, since I know a little about Mark’s work from contacts some years ago via Adidam, and since I’m continuing research into the Yoga Science, I thought I might google him and see if I might get a preview of his thinking.

The most interesting thing I’ve found is his essay “Phenomenologically Congruent Science” at  It is hidden away — on google search page 5 or 6 and not found on the site unless you have the exact url — curious.  Here it is.

In light of what I’ve learned from Kent, it looks as though he may have some important philosophic blind spots, but the general thrust of his work seems very much along the lines of what I’ve been led to.

Looks like we’ve come to many of the same conclusions and I look forward to connecting with him.