Mach’s Principle for Yoga Science

Scott Virden Anderson Blog

According to the Wikipedia article, Mach’s Principle is that “the inertia of a body arises from its relation to the totality of all other bodies in the universe.”  (Einstein apparently name the Principle and made use of it in developing his General Theory of Relativity.)

I’m proposing that the human body (and its indwelling consciousness) itself arises in relation to the totality of all other bodies in the universe.

Furthermore, that bodies are nondual with their consciousnesses, and that the most fundamental nature of that "relation" is “pan-Planckian entanglement.”

This is the “take-away” for me of Julian Barbour’s End of Time.

Seems to strike a Yoga-sympathetic cord, no?

I got to thinking about Mach’s Principle this morning as I continue reading through (as carefully as I can as a non-physicist) "Collective Coherent Oscillation Plasma Modes in Surrounding Media of Black Holes and Vacuum Structure — Quantum Processes with Considerations of Spacetime Torque and Coriolis Forces" by Nassim Haramein & Elizabeth Rauscher. 

This artilce was recently posted at Nassim’s website (

I’m going to the trouble since I’m looking to meet Elizabeth in a couple of weeks in Boulder and want to make good use of the opportunity to ask her about her work and the possible role of the octonion algebra in the Quantian – Planckian domain… dont you know?