Leaping Forward

Scott Virden Anderson Blog

My “Yoga Science Fall Review” seems to be wanting to leap forward (may be “the story of my life”) to what I’m beginning to think is the most interesting thing I’ve run across this year (thanks to Jon Cunnyngham at ISSSEEM): the WingMakers > Lyricus > Event Temples story.

Re-reading the wikipedia entry this morning, I found a link to the original Jan ’99 website and there found in the “interview with Dr. Anderson” (no relation) (via web.archive.org — aka “The Wayback Machine”):

“At an atomic level our physical bodies are made quite literally from stars.  At a sub-atomic level, our minds are non-physical repositories of a galactic mind.  At a sub-sub-atomic level, our souls are non-physical repositories of God or the intelligence that pervades the universe.”

And, a bit later on:

“Time is vertical with every moment in existence stacked upon the next and all coinciding with one another.  In other words, time is the collective of all moments of all experience simultaneously existing within non-time, which is usually referred to as eternity.”

This seems to line up pretty well with what I’ve been discussing here these past months.  In recent weeks I’ve found I keep coming back to these materials for the exceptional degree that they appear to resonate with my Yoga Science speculations.

A number of additional things stand out:

Reflecting on the lively dinner conversation this past Friday with our friends Eliot and Magdalena, I saw that if our contemporary science is still a ways from “having a handle” on biological complexity, then understanding psychological and “soul” complexity are still a longer ways off.

What this means for the crisis that seems to be slowly engulfing our world remains to be seen, but it sure seems unlikely that an “ultra-hyper” (or “octonionic”) complexity science will be coming on-line soon enough to play a major practical role over the balance of my life time.

On the other hand, if, as the Lyricus materials suggest, we are moving more swiftly via this crisis toward a time when just such a science will be emerging, then perhaps the tentative explorations here can play some sort of role in that future unfolding.

Being the Aquarian that I am, I suppose this sort of future orientation is a given.  But the Scotsman in me would prefer some kind of more immediate practical application.  Perhaps it will all just be unfolding according in its own time and I can content myself with little glimpses of possible future.  Meanwhile, the Yogi in me will look to abide in the “Infinite Potentiality.”