Kosmic Innernet

Scott Virden Anderson Blog

As I continue to peer through the Subjectoscope, still reeling from Nassim Haramein’s remarkable DVDs ("Crossing the Event Horizon"), and plodding through Elmer Green’s Ozawkie alternating with Haramein & Rauscher (H&R), all in preparation for next week’s ISSSEEM, (much more to be said about all these things going forward), I’m led to further reflections on my now 40 years of experience with Brahmamurta.

In the Yoga tradition, Brahmanurta comprises the pre-dawn hours — known as the time of day most conducive to deep meditation.

An integral part of my SummaRevelation back in the Fall of ’87 — right in there with the scale-re-entrant fractal Kosmic vortex (now explicitly described in terms of their new solution to Einstein’s field equations by H&R) — was something about how Brahmamurta actually works scientifically:

Vertical alignment of the spine on an electrically insulating seat (as is the case with "animal skin on a bed of kusha grass") facing the East, electrically isolates and points the antenna that is the body.  (No doubt much more to be learned here from Elmer’s Copper Wall Project.)

Steadiness of pose and deep physical, emotional, and mental relaxation facilitate the "tuning in" process.

Incoming signals are mediated by specific dynamic electrical properties (yet to be elucidated) of the pre-dawn planetary atmosphere.

The incoming signals are futher mediated by specific dynamic electrical properties of the solar corona.

Where the signals originate, I speculated at the time, was likely some highly advanced civilization/consciousness associated maybe with Sirius, or the Pleides.

Now I’m inclined to think of the galactic center since I’ve found myself having such a strong emotional response to the discoveries of recent years associated with Sagittarius A* — the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy.

(I feel permanently astonished that ground-based telescopes have been able to track the orbital motions of the half dozen stars closest to the black hole itself — it was so often repeated as I was growing up that the center of the Milky Way was totally obscured by dust).

Meanwhile, the greater vastness of inner space is continuing to impress itself upon me.

If H&R’s "Scaling Law" does turn out ot confirm my SummaTime Scale (STS), then inner space is vastly greater than what we’ve always referred to as "outer space."

And, if, as I’ve been speculating here in previous blog entries, we must add, in order to make our Yoga Science complete, to the hyper-complexity of the STS mid range the ultra-hyper-complexity of the Quantian to Planckian, then we’ve got an even vaster and much more complex vastness within — all of which implies, in my view, a vastness of freedom within as well.

Not only that, but we are inherently and completely "in touch" with it all — via the "Kosmic Innernet" — "Indra’s Net," in other words, functions as a sort of Kosmic Innernet that we can "log on to" anytime, "24/7/365."

Thus, a "goal" of my Yoga becomes "being always on the Innernet."