Intention & The Honest Heart

Scott Virden Anderson Blog

Ever since ISSSEEM I’ve been wondering about Norm Shealy’s suggestion in May that I might look to submit my “Subjectoscope” article for the 2008 meeting.

In my dream just now, came “Intention & The Honest Heart:”

I’m with a large and studious group looking through various new printed literature and there, with three of four edges folded up sharply as if it had been jammed into an envelope that was just a bit too small, appeared my article as a slender package on a literature table.

The submission form that was handed out at the meeting in Boulder featured a deadline of Nov. 1 — tomorrow.

Checking the ISSSEEM website this morning, I find an extensive set of detailed submission requirements with a deadline of November 5th — that gives me five days to collect all the necessary language, photo, and decisions about format, “learning objectives,” and AV requirements.

Should make for an interesting week!

In all the weeks I’ve been blogging here I’ve said almost nothing about my years of work on the spiritual heart.

Perhaps it’s time to wrap up my foray into the murky realms of the peri-Planckian and the octonion and get back to the more tangible basics of a heart-based Yoga.

My paper should no doubt summarize what I’ve been exploring here so far, but move back now to the more practical.

Mark Coming’s piece in Bridges finally arrived a week ago — it resonates beautifully with my speculations here about the importance of the realm of our experience within that is deeper than photonic — the vast “sub quantum” domain down to the Planckian.

I’ve written him, but no word back so far.

And Elizabeth Rauscher must be deep into her Fall work with Nassim — no word back from her either.

So, I’ll focus now on how “The Honest Heart” might tie all this together.

Oh yes, ISSSEEM founder Elmer Green called this past Sunday.  He had received my request to post his Planetary Field of Mind Diagram on this site and was calling to say, “ok.”  He suggested I call his long-time associate at Menninger Dr. Peter Parks who he thinks might have it already in electronic form — I have a call in to him.  So the Ozawkie consideration will be continued here in the months to come…