Higher Light

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The idea keeps coming up that our understanding of complex systems is on the verge of a breakthrough — its about deeper understanding of the complex only being possible via the hypercomplex.

I’ve considered above how electromagnetic radiation may only be fully understood in light of a full quaternion elaboration found, its seems, only in Maxwell’s original work (I’m on the hunt for confirmation of this “working hypothesis” — it seems so “hard to believe” on the face of it).

But this cuts two ways: downward, it means that the understanding we think we already have of Dissipative (complex) systems could be refined in light of a deeper understanding of Autopoeitic (hyper-complex) systems.

For example, I mentioned above that complex number descriptions are used routinely for describing waves.

But waves are not thought of as Dissipative systems in their own right.

Might it be that waves, more fully understood, have an inherently Dissipative character?

And upward: a full understanding of the Autopoietic will require an appreciation of the Reflexive systems that, it seems, require the ultra-hyper-complex octonion for a full description.

Given the likelyhood that all these are “interpenetrating,” then all three types of complexity need to be kept in mind, taken into account, or at least considered in the face of any practical challenge.  Hm?

On top of all that, there is the sedenion even further out there byond the octonion.

Could this all line up In terms of the SummaTime Scale with the sedenion as a cloud of impossibility within which every Planckian instant is arising — first condensing octonionicly into a sort of “thought form,” then quaternionicly as an “enegetic pattern,” and finally showing up as some kind of bit of organization of complex matter?

Or better still, could this all be taking place “at once” and “always already?”