Fall Review

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Been a couple of weeks since the last entry.  I’ve been reading the comprehensive review of the 25 years of the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research project in the recent issue of Explore Journal, following up on many provocative ideas from my meeting with Jon Cunnyngham at ISSSEEM, and delighted to get webmaster Wolf’s reports about Thomas Metzinger in the German press and in Science — lots more about Metzinger soon.

August is ending a cool summer, but we may yet have some hot times ahead before the rains begin in Oct/Nov.  Time for a Fall Review — may take a couple of weeks, but here is a tentative beginning agenda:

 2007 Yoga Science Review

’06 Recapitulation

STS extended, & the Y~S popped out


Piet Hut & “The Subjectoscope”

Website learning curves

Capriles & Dzogchen

1st Shamatha Retreat

Kent Palmer and the 3 degrees of complexity, one for each SS, one for each the 3 Domains of Time.

Elmer’s Ozawkie opus

Nassim’s Event Horizon and DVDs

Norm Shealy & ISSSEEM in Boulder

Elizabeth Rauscher

John Hagelin

Jahn & Dunne’s PEAR

Cunnyngham > James

Puran Bair

Thomas Metzinger and “Video Ergo Sum.”

James &“The Way of the Heart” redux