Context: Outer & Inner

Scott Virden Anderson Blog

We’re used to thinking of context (outer) as the "bigger picture," but there is always an inner context as well.

I think it was Arthur Koestler who pioneered this idea — so seminal to the Yoga Science — in his work on "Open Hierarchical Systems" composed of "holons in holarchies."

He may not have put it in terms of "contexts," but it may be worthwhile to think this way as yet another way to try to counter our Big Science’s preoccupation with the outer world.

We are holons.

Our lives are lived in a context that reaches out to the Big Bang.

And each of lives in a unique context given that no two living bodies can occupy the same time and space (at least we presume that to be the case generally).

But there is a great depth of inner context to our lives as well — physically in our hyper-complex biology, mentally in our subjective experience, and spiritually, however we intuit and come to know our "higher selves."

What I’ve been trying to do with the SummaTime Scale and the Subjectoscope is somehow find a way to honor both of these aspects of context simultaneously — being the "big picture" kind of guy that I am.

They both exist in every moment, simultaneously.

The Bigger Picture then would seem to require a full appreciation of this bi-directionality of "context" and "contextual thinking."

Seems to me as a Yogi, then, aiming for the Biggest Picture, that only such a Bigger Picture will suffice.