Case Studies Paper Posted

Scott Virden Anderson Blog

Over this past month I’ve been working on the second background paper for my ISSSEEM presentation next month, this one taking a look at a sample of areas of interest to ISSSEEM members: biofeedback, energy medicine, distance healing, and psi.

Posted last night: “Case Studies in Subtle Energy Science: Trial Applications of the Yoga Science TimeScale Map.”

I’m delighted with the way it worked out — not too technical, more conversational, connecting to lots of ideas that are common currency at ISSSEEM.

I’m part way through yet another background piece — this one a “time line of esotericism” mainly dealing with the period of the European Renaissance and since — the period that our new scholars of esotericism have identified as one during which esotericism and science have been closely related into the present day.

Then it’ll be onto preparing the 90 min presentation itself — the formal debut of Yoga Science — with slides and all that.

Got permission from Pyramid Media to edit a short segment from the famous “Powers of Ten” video of Charles and Ray Eames — my video guy is busy at work on that…