Big Shift in the Action

Scott Virden Anderson Blog

I’m writing to point my readers to the website for the Yoga Science Foundation that we launched 10/1/10.

This personal website – the one you are visiting now – was devoted primarily to the early stages in the development of the “Yoga Science Project” which took a big turn last year toward becoming a Yoga Science Process:


Early in the year, the Board of the Yoga Research & Education Foundation asked me to take the organization in a new direction.

Rather than devoting our resources to supporting the research of others through grants (as we had been doing since 2005) I was asked to turn the organization into the Yoga Science Foundation, devote the resources needed to develop a book-length description of the Yoga Science for a general audience, and then use that as the basis for involving others in a collaborative Yoga Science Process.

So that is what I’ve been working on since: we’ve changed the name of YREF to YSF, designed and launched the new website, dealt with a host of legal, bookkeeping, accounting, and tax issues involved in the transition, found a “development editor” for the book, and this new, demanding, and exciting phase of the project is now fully launched.

By way of a little further catch-up:

My last news item on the landing page here concerned my presentation at the Integral Theory Conference last summer.

Preparing for, presenting at, and attending the conference all served to bring into sharper focus the key difference between the Yoga Science and the general thrust of “the integral movement” toward “evolutionary spirituality.”

Using that language, Yoga Science is more oriented to an “involutionary spirituality” (note, however, that I would almost certainly need to make any number of important distinctions in my use of the term compared to that of Kenneth Lloyd Anderson who describes what he’s looking to articulate as an “Evolutionary Catholicism”).

In October I presented a short slide talk at the 2011 Science & Nonduality Conference (there were major glitches in the video recording that my webmaster is only now sorting out for posting).

A highlight of that conference was actually meeting Tom McFarlane – my yogi mathematician pen pal – who gave an elegant talk on how duality is fundamental to mathematics (more recently, his eloquent entry into the current essay contest at FQXi came to my attention).

Since then I’ve been preoccupied with the book project.

I’ll be writing more about that as soon as draft material is ready for circulation and comment.