A Science of Now

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This may be a good way to describe what I think I’ve discovered – especially in a post-Oprah&Tolle New Earth world.

The wildfires in our neighborhood are under some degree of control, we’ve completed the bulk of our fire season preparations here at home, and the weather was been relatively cool this past week.

I’ve been procrastinating on the ISSSEEM ’08 report I promised in order to first catch up on the many items I set aside over the past six months in order to focus on my Yoga Science writing.

I’ve reviewed a slew of interesting items from Integral Institute – mostly recent talks by Ken Wilber or dialogs he’s had with various luminaries like Jim Garrison of Wisdom University – stay tuned for the forthcoming book from him being co-written with Paul Ray in time for their upcoming “State of the World Forum.”

A recent arrival is a “free course” offering from the Centerpointe Research Institute – the Holosync people – that will feature seven of the teachers associated with the Integral Spiritual Center commenting on the 10 week global webinar series that Oprah did this Spring with Eckhart Tolle.

Christian fundamentalists here in the US have recently begun a coordinated campaign to try to counter this rising tide of what they are calling “The Church of Oprah,” but I feel they have no idea just how big this really is.

This webinar strikes me as an event that will go down in the annals of the “New Age” as marking another major milestone toward an epochal “centering of the margin” – the mainstreaming of esotericist ideas that have been decidedly non-mainstream for millennia – and not just, as many seem to feel, another in a long series of “Boomer trips.”

I watched the first of the Oprah-Tolle sessions – each one takes up a chapter in Tolle’s latest book, A New Earth – I’ve just ordered a copy so I can “follow along.”

At the heart of all esotericism, I’ve come to appreciate more deeply in recent months, is the notion of a “timeless present” – “the Now,” “the present moment,” “the presence in the moment” are all recurring phrases in the conversation between Oprah and Eckhart – as we would all suspect given the huge popularity of his 2001 Power of Now.

As I’ve reflected on my ISSSEEM presentation over these past two weeks, what I think I’ve discovered is a way forward toward a science of now: a really “new kind of science” – one that includes, in principle, all the objective sciences we currently think of as “science” as well as all the subjective sciences that are currently excluded from the world of “Official Science.”

The SummaTime Scale opens up a whole new way to view time scientifically – one that I feel coordinates elegantly with the “timeless interpretations” of QM in physics.

Furthermore, interpreted as the Yoga Science Map, the STS will help us unpack the full spectrum of esotericist traditions – from Upper Paleolithic “shamanisms” all the way to the highest forms of contemporary spirituality – which in Ken’s terminology would be something like “stable states of nonduality combined with a balanced stage development at Second Tier.”

The Yoga Science is the beginning of a science of states – states of consciousness that are ever-more “time-proximal” as we rest ever more deeply into our own “inherent condition” of Timeless Presence – and states that display several discrete discontinuities as we move from complex, to hyper-complex, to ultra-hyper-complex and beyond – from the gross, to the subtle, to the causal, to the nondual Yogas.

There is no question in my mind that Ken’s pioneering work on the stages of development is a hugely important and critical contribution – no matter the limitations I or anyone else may find in his work.

At the same time, my sense is that the Yoga Science dovetails with his AQAL map as a new orthogonal axis for an “augmented 3-D AQAL space,” and suggests how this “AQAL space map” articulates with all contemporary sciences.

My job is to see how this New Science Of Now might be further communicated and developed.

Peter Russell has agreed to take a look at PSESM – as has MIT physicist Claude Swanson — I met them both in Boulder.

I’ve had a couple of in-depth catch-up conversations this past week with Michael Toms of New Dimensions (there is a fun background story here that I’ll set aside for now) – he has given me contact information on a number of other “new physics” types I will be trying to connect with in the weeks ahead.

Mark Comings might still appear at some point – I heard at ISSSEEM that he was still in Hong Kong working on “something” – big and hush-hush, naturally.

Elizabeth Rauscher did not attend either — she was reportedly exhausted from recent trips elsewhere.

Got word last week that John Hagelin is doing a workshop of some sort in late October at the Crossings in Austin it looks like I’ll be invited to – he wrote me a few months ago: “your ideas and insights about the relationships between levels of creation, subtle energies, and intention-based healing modalities are fascinating, and the Yoga Science Map seems to provide a valuable model for exploring these relationships.”

Much appreciated, John, but I still feel that what is needed is not appreciation, but constructive critique – this is lifeblood for any true science – as it will be for my little Yoga Science project to become a genuine Science of Now.

Calling all Yogi Scientists!  Looks like “our time” has come.