A New Stage for the New Age

Scott Virden Anderson Blog

With the proposal for my ISSSEEM workshop finally submitted, my conversation with Kent about nonduality and Dzogchen ongoing, and discovery of Faivre and Hanegraaff opening a new window into the historical roots of my “New Ager” mind, to this morning’s hypnopompic eye appeared a new constellation of Yoga Science as facets of a precious gem:

  • Historical roots – recent > deep > deeper > deepest “nondual bedrock”
  • Technical elaborations – Yoga Science > Nondual Science > Science of Nonduality
  • Practical applications – “The Spiritual Heart of Health”
  • SummaParadigm – Nondual Realization itself  

Elaboration of these is my road ahead.

As described by the recent cover article in New Scientist “Going Global” (October 27th, 2007), the many dots of human pre-history from paleontology, archeology, and genetics are beginning to connect to form a coherent picture.  Evolutionary biology has already roughed out the earlier story and now “Big History” is a several decades old movement among historians that aims to link our humanity with our most ancient biology as well as the sweeping vistas of pre-biologic cosmic evolution.  This all sets the stage for a new exploration of our psycho-spiritual embodiment reaching back along a vast chain of contingency all the way to the Big Bang.  We are, it is increasingly obvious, “children of the cosmos.”

Yoga Science aims to understand how the major transitions in our cosmic childhood might have taken place: from matter to life, from life to mind, and from mind to an all-embracing View.  The SummaTime Scale tries to lay out the stage for this SummaDrama that is written in our own total experience of things.  Body, life, and mind are the main actors, arguably obvious to all of us “upon inspection.”  The Yoga Science suggests how they each play on the stage of time.  But the Drama of our experience also has a Hidden Player, maybe not an “Author” per se, but rather an Audience whose participation is inherent.  Yoga Science proposes that that Audience is a Timeless Presence nondual with the play itself and the nature of the “witness” of all our varied experience.

To most fully awaken to the Play of our lives and our active participation in it is the Spiritual Heart of Health.  The Yoga Science also points to the key psycho-biological role of the heart.  In its physical dimension, the heart plays a central and formative role in bodily life from our earliest embryological shaping until its very last beat.  In its psychological dimension, the heart has been known to Yogis for milennia as the “seat of the mind” – the bodily location most closely associated with the witnessing of thoughts.  In its spiritual dimension, the heart is the place of the “deep well of consciousness” at the “bottom” of which is Spirit itself, the placeless Place of the timeless View.

Thus it is that Spiritual Realization is possible. It is the culmination of a transition from an exclusive identification with our limited embodied role in Time, to a mature embrace of that very role within the unlimited and Timeless Reality. This is the SummaParadigm of the Nondual Science – the “concrete result of an experiment” that has been repeated countless times throughout Big history and into our own time, in the flesh, by a host of Realizers – each and every one unique.  In this Science – a science that not only restores our humanity but serves its fullest culmination – humanity has a new Tool. Using this Tool, humanity can gradually lift itself out of its bloody history, both Big and Bigger, and onto a new stage of “Biggest History.”

That’s it – the “New Age” has arrived at a “New Stage.”